Basic patterns in national health expenditure

This paper analyses national health accounts estimates for 191 World Health Organization Member States for 1997, using simple comparisons and linear regressions to describe spending on health and how it is financed. The data cover all sources—out-of-pocket spending, social insurance contributions, financing from government general revenues and voluntary and employment-related private insurance — classified according to their completeness and reliability. (Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2002;80:134-142.)(Au)

Autor(es): Musgrove, Philip, Zeramdini, Riadh, Carrin, Guy Creador(es): World Health Organization
Recursos añadido en: 01/08/2002
Idiomas disponibles: Inglés
Gastos en Salud, Financiación Personal, Sector de Atención de Salud, Modelos Lineales, edanizedanizedanized, Measuring, Methods and Indicators
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