Independent Inquiry into Inequalities in Health Report

Although average mortality has fallen over the past 50 years, unacceptable inequalities in health persist. For many measures of health, inequalities have either remained the same or have widened in recent decades. These inequalities affect the whole of society and they can be identified at all stages of the life course from pregnancy to old age. The weight of scientific evidence supports a socioeconomic explanation of health inequalities. This traces the roots of ill health to such determinants as income, education and employment as well as to the material environment and lifestyle. It follows that our recommendations have implications across a broad front and reach far beyond the remit of the Department of Health. Some relate to the whole Government while others relates to particular Departments.

Autor(es): Acheson, Donald Creador(es): Ministry of Public Health
Recursos añadido en: 21/06/2001
Idiomas disponibles: Inglés
Medicina Basada en la Evidencia, Measuring, Methods and Indicators, Equity, Living Conditions
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