Innovative lead discovery strategies for tropical diseases

It presents a discussion about the different approaches to lead a discovery for tropical diseases and emphasize a coordination strategy that involves highly integrated partnerships and networks between scientists in academic institutions and industry in both wealthy industrialized countries and disease-endemic countries. Document in PDF forma, required Acrobat Reader.

Autor(es): Nwaka, Solomon, Hudson, Alan Creador(es): Nature Publishing Group - NPG
Recursos añadido en: 21/06/2007
Idiomas disponibles: Inglés
Malaria/tratamiento farmacológico, Leishmaniasis/tratamiento farmacológico, Tripanosomiasis Africana/tratamiento farmacológico, Enfermedad de Chagas/tratamiento farmacológico, Filariasis Linfática/tratamiento farmacológico, Oncocercosis/tratamiento farmacológico, Investigación, rapyherapyherapyherapyherapy
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